Video-mapping is a video projection from one or several points on the objects and surfaces of different complexity of shape/irregularly shaped objects and architecture: buildings, scenery, cars, etc.

In the process of developing a project using the  video-mapping effects, a large number of human resources, technical services, engineering and graphics programs are involved. Various factors that can affect the brightness and quality of the video image are taken into account: light sources, the angle and distance of the video projection, the necessary brightness of ANSI Lumens and others.


  • Detailed 3D modeling of the site (architecture, objects, show elements, etc.)
  • Calculation of the video coverage area of the projectors
  • Video image brightness on the projection surface calculation.
  • Definition of optical lenses and video projection points


Mapping is a technology that allows you to animate and transform different figures and objects. It is no longer unique, but it still attracts adoration and deserves to be defined in a seperate class of video and light art.

To achieve an exciting effect, high-tech professional equipment is used.

A video projectors with a high luminous intensity of ANSI Lumens and media servers capable of processing video files with a huge resolution. The number of projectors and servers is calculated individually for each individual project.

The picture is projected onto the surface (the facade of a building or a wall, a car and other objects), and no additional structures and screens are used. Video image lies on the area of ​​the projected surface with the help of projectors, turning the familiar architectural forms into an enchanting colorful show will not leave the viewer indifferent.